Golden-Fried Taste and Texture • Up to 70% Fewer Calories
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Emeril Lagasse French Door 360

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FREE Forever Fry Pan set With Your Order! *

FREE 8" & 12" Fry Pan Set

Emeril Lagasse French Door 360 Reviews

"The French Doors really add to the presentation of the unit, we love the way it looks in the kitchen and are thrilled with how well it works. Very easy to use and to clean-up is a breeze..."

   - Edward
"This is a great kitchen addition! It’s seriously an all in one item! It does it all!! It was bigger than I expected, but with all it does, it totally makes sense. This this is so great. My go to dinner helper!"

   - Nicole R.
"This is a great Air Fryer. The french fries come out crispy just like the deep fried french fries. Very tasty. The grill is half the time to cook a steak and lamb chops. I was able to grill corn on the cob."

   - D.M.
Emeril lagasse air fryer: French Door 360 cooking chicken

Invite Chef Emeril into Your Kitchen

Discover the Emeril Lagasse French Door 360, the versatile air fryer and multi-cooker that elevates practically any meal, from air frying quick after-school snacks to roasting for large gatherings.

10-In-1 Versatility

24 cooking pre-sets provide a variety of cooking methods: Ribs, Defrost, Bake, Toast, Chicken, Pizza, Pastry, Slow Cook, Roast, Reheat, and Keep Warm

French Door in Kitchen
Dual-Speed Fan

Dual-Speed Fan

Homemade cooking & golden fried crisping at it's finest with 360º superheated air circulation.

French Door 360 Includes:

baking pan accessory
Baking Pan
Crisper Tray accessory
Crisper Basket
Rotisserie Spit accessory
Rotisserie Spit Set
Grill Plate accessory
Grill Plate
Wire Rack accessory
Wire Rack
drip tray accessory

Drip Tray

Fetch Tools accessories

Fetch Tool & Grill Plate Handle

Emeril's French Door 360 Recipe Book

Emeril's Recipe Book

Emeril Lagasse French Door 360 Fits a 12" Pizza
Easy-Access French Doors


Color: Stainless
Capacity: 26 quarts (1519 cubic inches)
Product Dimensions: 16.9" (D) x 15.8" (W) x 14.8" (H)
Wattage: 1700W 
Min/Max Temperature: 75° F–500° F
Panel: LED
Cooking Presets: Air Fry, Fries, Toast, Rotisserie, Chicken, Pizza, Wings, Eggs, Steak, Vegetables, Defrost, Grill, Bacon, Ribs, Fish, Slow Cook, Pastry, Proof, Broil, Bake, Roast, Dehydrate, Reheat & Warm

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XL 26-qt. Capacity

360° Air Crisp Technology

LED Display

Indoor Grill

Toaster Oven

Rotating Rotisserie

Pizza Oven

Food Dehydrator

Nonstick Grill Plate

The amazing way to air fry food with little to no oil!

air fry chicken
bbq spare ribs
Grilled Steaks
dehydrated fruit
12 inch pizza
rotisserie chicken

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30-Day Trial Offer
+ $19.99 P&H
5 pay of $59.99
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